Having trouble getting your mixes to sound just right?

You don't need expensive plugins!  All you need is a keyboard and a mouse, some information and your ears.  Watch me mix almost entirely with standard free plug-ins and no console.


Don't just take my word for it, here's what people are saying.

"Your mixes are the easiest to master by far! I wish I only had to do your mixes, every one of them is perfect when it arrives.  I hardly have to touch them.  What a pleasure."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Jamison Weddle</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Platinum Awarded Mastering Engineer</p></div>

Jamison Weddle

Platinum Awarded Mastering Engineer

"Otto, The song sounds f'ing great! Loving the mix... It's been on repeat on all the different speakers and headphones in my house. Thank you."

<div class="editor-content"><p>Justin Stewart</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>Singer, Rose Colored Eyes</p></div>

Justin Stewart

Singer, Rose Colored Eyes

"Before recommending anything to you, I screen it first. I know you trust me to turn you on to only the best.   Well, folks - The Recording Artist  not only gets my seal of approval, it ranks as snooze you lose. So don’t !"

<div class="editor-content"><p>Ross Ojeda</p></div>, <div class="editor-content"><p>former A&amp;M Records Promotion Executive</p></div>

Ross Ojeda

former A&M Records Promotion Executive

Mixing tutorials and more.

Multi-platinum Engineer/Producer, Otto D'Agnolo is

"The Recording Artist".   He takes you on a journey of discovery with video tutorials, live events and access to his reality TV show which showcases his work with indie artists in the studio.

Everything you need 

Highlights from 2 hour recording sessions, 2 hour mix sessions, full 30 minute TV episodes & various tutorials.  

New to mixing?

Otto's ability to expertly explain basic concepts that are critical to quality mixing will have your mixes sounding better from the very first video.  

Are you a recording student?

School might teach you the gear but Otto will teach you how to make great records.

As a music fan

You'll discover a constantly growing list of indie bands across all genres of music.

It's Not Rocket Science

After you watch these videos and employ these processes, your mixes will translate room to room better than ever before.

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