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September 21
• Edited (Sep 21, 2023)

How many of you have tried Chatgpt?  I just asked it to write a humorous explanation of what I'm doing during these sessions, comparing my work to that of a speed painter, only in audio.  I asked it to organize the information in the form of ten step outline or instruction manual and present it in the voice of a particular author.  30 seconds later, I was LMAO.  I will post it here after I do my best to review for copyright infringement elements and tweak to be improved. - MEANWHILE, our website service provider has just introduced and AI Assistant (currently in BETA) able to create posts for this community.  Rather than use it here, I will be adding another PUBLIC CHANNEL separate from this GREEN ROOM LOUNGE which will be solely for posting AI created content so we can see what that's all about.  Please feel free to engage with it and give me any feedback.  It might be a cool way to begin some interesting conversations.