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August 21
• Edited (Aug 21, 2023)

In July it was a band out of Long Island, in September it's a band out of Washington DC and this month, in August we're sticking local.  We've invited one of our favorite songwriters, Serene Dominic, to bring his band called The San Jacinto Prison Band back in and cut another tune.  One of the coolest things about "The Recording Artist" project is that bands get free studio time and walk away with quality recordings.  This is a gift that most greatly appreciate.  Personally, I feel Serene Dominic is one of the best pop writers in town and I really enjoy his songs.  He's extremely prolific so there are always unrecorded gems laying around. If it were up to me, Serene and others like him, would always get free time to get all of their worked recorded properly but that just isn't the world we live in.  At least we can do this and so on the 30th of August we'll all be treated to another of his clever pop tunes.  Demos will be posted for voting as soon as I get them (in the next couple days).  See you all on the 30th!

June 21

Here's the new opening segment for Season #2.  Let me know what you think.  For Season #1 we had to rely on stock footage from video libraries but this season I could include shots from Season #1 and primarily footage from Season #2.  


Welcome to TheRecordingArtist

Season 2 Opening Sequence for TV Episodes on Amazon Prime...
August 22

Recently, one of our members hosted a little watch party, had a few friends over.  This resulted in our gaining a few new fans. It occurred to me that reaching our target demographic (people like all of you) is difficult for advertising but NOT difficult for you.  Your friends are the type people we think will love this live music experience!  So, THROW A WATCH PARTY, invite your intellectually engaged music fan friends over on the 30th, pop some pop corn, crack open a bottle or two and share the love.  The more the merrier!  (I think I'll share this idea in a newsletter today too.) Have a lovely Tuesday everybody! See you next week.

August 11

Episode 1 of the 2nd Season is almost ready (takes me FOREVER!).  Also, I just confirmed another east coast act for our September project.  The guys are called High Neighbor and can be found on Spotify.  They are coming from Washington DC so this session will also be an early one.  5pm for the west coasters and 8pm for the east coasters.

July 26

It seems our webservice provider did some "maintenance" on their system that has interfered with our website's ability to properly allow iPhone and iPad users to review the songs for voting.  Android phones and iMac computers as well as PCs seem to have no problem.  If you haven't voted due to this problem, try another device.  Our Code Technician is working on the problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  If by chance you had success VOTING with an iPhone or iPad, please let me know.  See you tonight at 5pm for the FancyCat out of Long Island. 

June 19

As you all know, this operation is a small shop.  Trying to complete the television episodes while handling all of the live sessions is a bit too much.  So now that we've recorded another 40 bands in 12 months, we'll be taking a break from the weekly sessions and focus on the television episodes.  However, I do intend to do at least one live event each month just to keep my chops up! Look for Episode One to drop in July, and I'll keep them coming as fast as I can!

June 02
• Edited (Jun 02, 2023)

Did you guys see Wednesday's session with Jadyn! If you missed it it's still posted until Wednesday in the "Members Area", be sure to at least listen at the "Stream Our Songs" link at the bottom of this page.  "I Miss You Sometimes" is her very first recording and she's destined to be a star.  Launched on our show, pretty cool.  It was great to see Mike Jackson and Chris J in the house along with so many new friends.   

June 06

ALSO - The Hourglass Cats are releasing the tune they cut on on June 24th at Rockbar in Scottsdale!  I'll be there in support, get your tickets now!

March 14
• Edited (Mar 14, 2023)
  • Welcome and thank you for being here! 

  • I deeply appreciate the time you spend in participation with this project.  By being a member, you are helping to support the arts in a very unique and different way.  There is no other project quite like this one and I believe it's only a matter of time before the whole world knows we're here.  Thank you!

  • Our community guidelines: Be respectful.  Share your thoughts about the sessions, the shows, the videos and the process in general, good or bad.  I want to know what you like, what you don't like, what you'd like to see different and what you'd like to see more of.  Please keep conversations on topic.  Do not use this forum to criticize other business or unrelated people.  Our intention is that this becomes a place you enjoy sharing your thoughts on our music, our show and related topics.  Comments may be deleted if deemed inappropriate for any reason. 

  • Feel free to introduce yourself to the community!  We don't have a lot of members yet so this is an extremely elite group.  As cool as that is, I'm doing everything in my power to grow the community and I think you should too!  Tell everybody!  Enjoy!

March 31

Hey guys, I'll be in LA in. couple weeks at the 2023 NAMM Show,(National Association of Music Merchandisers). Everybody that makes a musical instrument is typically represented and its a cool industry hang.  I don't go much anymore but now, with this project well on its way, I'll be there looking for equipment sponsors and TV show sponsors.