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November 21

CarrieLynn Van Winkle and her band are coming into the studio the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.  I hope to see all of you guys there.  If you are an A&R Level Member then you can now go to the the A&R Office in the menu above and VOTE for which song you want recorded during the session.  The band has an eclectic jazz infused sound and seem to be pretty good musicians. 

September 12
• Edited (Sep 19, 2023)

Our platform has updated a few things: including now we have a calendar!  I wish this was available all of last year! Better late than never.  Check it out in the menu above. 

September 26

Episode #2 is coming together nicely, it will feature segments with Sophie Dorsten, Promise to Myself and Damn the Weather.  For me it's fun to go back and relive these sessions as I edit.  Sometimes it's tough to get the 2 hour sessions down to a cohesive 10-15 minute segment but it is always fun to try.  This episode will be posted on our calendar as a scheduled event prior to landingon the website or on Roku TV - this way it's ust for you first!

November 02

Amazon Prime usually takes 2-3 weeks to review and post but here on our website and on Roku TV you can watch the latest TV Episode starting tomorrow, Friday Nov 3rd. YEA! Check out Sophie Dorsten, Promise to Myself and Damn the Weather! Check out my struggles and be sure to watch the end for Erin's Pick!

October 26

Did you catch the Arsenic Kitchen session 10/25? If you missed it you can stream a replay in the Members Area.  What a fun session, great guys, great tune, we had Dani back AND we actually cut a basic track of a second song.  Love to hear your thoughts!

September 27

Recorded less than a week ago live on our show and today it got over 10,000 plays on Spotify!  That's why we do this!  Thank you for supporting indie music - now go enjoy the fruits of your labor and celebrate the rising success of our recent creation with The Black Hole's Who Do You Think You Are on Spotify! (here's a link: )

September 21
• Edited (Sep 21, 2023)

How many of you have tried Chatgpt?  I just asked it to write a humorous explanation of what I'm doing during these sessions, comparing my work to that of a speed painter, only in audio.  I asked it to organize the information in the form of ten step outline or instruction manual and present it in the voice of a particular author.  30 seconds later, I was LMAO.  I will post it here after I do my best to review for copyright infringement elements and tweak to be improved. - MEANWHILE, our website service provider has just introduced and AI Assistant (currently in BETA) able to create posts for this community.  Rather than use it here, I will be adding another PUBLIC CHANNEL separate from this GREEN ROOM LOUNGE which will be solely for posting AI created content so we can see what that's all about.  Please feel free to engage with it and give me any feedback.  It might be a cool way to begin some interesting conversations.  

September 05

High Neighbor out of Washington DC has run into some scheduling conflicts and have cancelled their appearance.  So we are moving on with a young blues trio that has been touring the world as Carvin Jones back up band for some time.  They are called The Black Hole  and they're getting a lot of industry love being declared the next big thing in blues.  In early October they are headed to Argentina to begin a tour of South America but we get them first.  BUT, due to schedules, this session will be on a Thursday evening!  September 21st at 7pm MST with the mixing session on Friday the 22nd.  See you there!

August 28

New York was a blast and while there, I met up with Erin Riley (for the 1st time in person).  We visited at The Cutting Room in Manhattan, followed by a trip to Smithtown Long Island where TRA band Nathan Dean and the Damn Band headlined the 2nd annual Smithtown Concert.   We also got to hang with VIP TRA Member, Bootsie Magou.  Tons of fun and great food and music.  But in my email I was reminded that some things are NOT meant to be and that is the case with High Neighbor who have run into problems getting their schedules worked out in order to be on the show in September.  So we'll be replacing them with another artist, to be announced soon. 

September 02

Hey Now! Episode #1 for the new season is available on our website and on the Rolku TV app.  Please check it out and tell me what you think.  It's free for everyone to watch so PLEASE share this link in your socials!  Let's tell the world what's going on here!